day 7- working with passion.

Monday again, and another week of home office stretches ahead. I am still enjoying it, I feel more rested, but that could also be something to do with not being out on my evening activities as well I suppose. I am so lucky to be able to stay home and stay safe. I do really appreciate it.

My co-worker Kitty did not show up to the office this morning, prefering to laze on the guest bed instead. It may have been because there was no sunshine coming in. My morning was super busy though, as the company that employs me has decided to import a large number of face masks and protective suits, and donate them to the Swiss government. A very worthy idea, but one that seems to be causing a lot of people a lot of work, as this is totally outside what we normally do. I wasted a lot of time filling in online contact forms this morning to the customs office, that failed every time I hit send. Calling them did not help either, so in the end it was back to an old fashioned letter. We will see if that helps.

In fact I was so busy today that I missed my lunchtime walk, so decided to do it this evening instead. It is pretty quiet out there, but I still find it strange how people eye me with suspicion when I do see anyone. It goes against my natural friendly nature. While we are on the subject of my nature, I took part in an interesting online seminar this evening related to finding your true calling. According to a statistic he shared, only 8% of employees in Germany are following their passion or calling. I find that a bit hard to believe. If it is true, it is also rather sad. Actually I just did a search to see if I could find some statistics to back up such a claim and indeed found a Deloitte study from 2014 which found that 88% of employees had no passion for their work, at all. Passion comes from engagement and from doing something inline with your inner values. The guy running the seminar claimed that if you always stay true to your top 3 values, then you will always succeed. So it is just a question of finding ones top 3 inner values. His top one was authenticity, and i think that is worth a blog post on its own ๐Ÿ˜‰

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