day 9 迪诶儿

I thought I should use some of today to try and improve myself at this time. 5 years in a Chinese company and I am ashamed to say I still cannot pronounce a lot of my colleagues names. So I decided to try and learn some mandarin during this time of staying indoors. I have tried in the past and got nowhere fast, but nevertheless, i can try again. I already had an app, so today i learnt the sounds and how to pronounce pingyin. I say learnt it, but of course, i probably will need to repeat several times. I might download an Udemy course as well to help the learning. Udemy is a great source of courses, and they always have sales running, so you never have to pay very much.

I also took a walk at lunchtime with the intention of posting a small packet to my brother in the UK, unfortunately there was a sign saying no more post can be sent outside the country. So he will have to wait, and by the time he receives it, the card enclosed might not make a whole lot of sense anymore :)) The few people I met on the way to the store were very good at keeping their distance, one guy even going on to the road to make the 2M gap. At the store they were only letting in a maximum of 15 people, and we had to take a coloured band to enter, of which of course there would only be 15. This struck me as a bit of a coronavirus risk in itself though, having to handle the band. I draped it over my arm, and of course washed my hands very well when I got home.

娜哦诶儿 吉伊诶杰哦吉儿

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