Social distancing.

Even the cars in the car park are practicing social distancing. This was the car park at our big Coop at lunchtime. We picked lunchtime to go, in part because then I could legitimately stop work, and also because all good Swiss housewives would be at home making lunch. This proved to be the case. We had to disinfect our hands at the entrance, take a number, which had also been disinfected and no more than 300 people were allowed in the store. There were nowhere near 300. It felt pretty safe. Nobody coughed or sneezed. The tins were a bit depleted, but there was still plenty of gluten free bread which is what i was after. Leaving we also had to disinfect the hands again after returning the number. I think they did it well. Now we are safe at home and have enough food to last us at least a week, possibly longer.

It was interesting that in the store parts of it were closed off, so we could not buy a new vacuum or microwave for example, nor socks or clothes, but kitchenware was okay. I am not sure of the logic. It may be that socks and underwear become essentials at some point. I guess we would have to buy online.

So now I am going out for my daily fresh air while the sun is still out. And when I get back, I might go back over those pesky Chinese tones I tried to master yesterday. Have a good evening everyone. Stay healthy and thankful.

2 thoughts on “Social distancing.

  1. Maybe the areas are closed to deter browsing, to keep focus on essential shopping only.

    Food shopping is my greatest concern, mainly because I don’t want to overly expose someone by making them go to the store, nor do I want them stopped by the police and questioned why they are out. It’s quite a responsibility to make a decision on someone else’s behalf, if my list contains an item unavailable and they have the anxiety of choosing something else.

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