Earth hour day

Today the 28th March 2020 at 8.30pm it is Earth hour wherever you are. I am imagining a wave of light and a wave of consciousness, a wave of meditation or prayer as those lights are turned off and then turned on again 1 hours later, timezone by timezone.

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With COVID-19 sweeping the planet and putting much of the world in lockdown, we shun public transport, drive more, but also we have less flights, the skies are clear, the birds are singing, apparently the fish are returning to the lagoons of Venice. Nature is showing us that it can heal if we give it a chance.

With so many people across the planet self-isolating, now is an opportunity to reflect not just on keeping safe during the pandemic, but also on the commonalities that bind us all: we live in a global context, we are vulnerable to the same global threats, and we face the same fears. This Planet is all we have and maybe now we can heed many lessons from this crisis.

Did you know?

  • Biodiversity has decreased by 52% in the last 50 years, according to WWF’s Living Planet Index, and the size of vertebrate populations have declined by 60% on average.
  • If current trends continue, the Earth’s rainforests could disappear within 40 years.
  • Around 1 millionspecies face extinction.
  • We currently consume the resource equivalent of 1.75 planets.
  • More than 1.8 million people lack sufficient access to fresh water.

Originating as a “lights out” event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has since grown to engage millions of people across the globe and raise awareness about environmental issues. This year’s Earth Hour asks people to switch off their lights at home on March 28, 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time. In response to the pandemic, recommends that everyone put safety first and focus on the virtual aspects of the event.

Turn off your lights tonight, perhaps turn off the TV too. Light some candles, and take some time to meditate or pray about our planet, the environment and what this crisis is telling us.

PS: the clocks go forward in Europe tomorrow morning, so one hour less in bed, but as we are not going out in any case, I guess it does not really matter unless you are working in the medical profession, where time must be all running into a blur. Let us remember them as well when we light our candles tonight.

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    • i met up with my daughter on Friday, for a short social distance walk together. She lives in a shared house in the city. She was convinced that it was Saturday, and argued vehemently against me when i told her it was Friday. She only believed me when i showed her my phone. Then on getting home she told her flatmate, and it turned out she was also thinking it was Saturday. So they both gained a whole day :))

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