Calling for video ideas.

We are two weeks into lockdown light, and I have no symptoms, so that is good news. I also seem to be running out of work to do, which may be good news, or maybe not. My co worker is still enjoying the sunshine however

You can really see her colouring in this photo, in fact, it almost looks like 2 different cats.

So tomorrow is April, I already turned my calendar over. Half of April was already crossed through, because we had a trip planned. We were going to fly to Canada, to Toronto, stay a few days, then take the Via Canada 4 day train trip to Vancouver and join in a birthday party for my aunt who will be 95 on April 23rd. Now of course, we will not be making the trip. I hear Air Canada grounded today. Canada anyway closed its borders 2 weeks ago. So I am hopeful of a full refund somehow or other. It is disappointing, especially as when your aunt reaches 95, who knows how much older she might get, but this is life. Covid-19 has turned our world upside down and changed everyones’ plans. Everybody is having to make new plans at present, that is actually a mind blowing thought.

We are also not allowed to send any post outside the country presently. I guess businesses can, but not private people, so I cannot even send her a card. I was thinking that I might record a short video and send it to her. I think she will like that. So if anyone has any fun ideas for what i could put on that video, please leave me a note below, and maybe i can incorporate them.


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