Zooming on Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and the start of Holy week and the run up to Easter. I overslept this morning, which made me a bit late for our virtual service, and almost late for the Zoom coffee morning that was organised for afterwards. As hostess, this would not have been good. This was our first attempt at a virtual coffee break, and with lots of older congregation members, it was not clear how it would go, but in the end, around 12 showed up, including some who had not been sure they could get the tech worked out. It was really fun, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Then from that zoom call I went to the next which my husband was on in his study with his sister in Australia and his brother in the UK. I have not seen his sister in years, so that was nice, and even better, she still had her Manchester accent. It was nice to hear a bit of northern. Zoom also did not end the call after 40 mins (free plan) and instead extended it, so that was even better. I wonder if that was just for Sunday?

Then this afternoon we went for a walk, trying to stay socially distanced from everyone else, which in our area can be tricky as it is just too nice, especially when the sun is shining. Here are some photos from our walk.

The stones in the lower pictures above were close to the start of our woods. Someone had the idea that we each paint a stone, and leave it there to make a path of stones. A really nice idea. I might do a stone this week.

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