day 29, asleep on the job.

My goodness, we have been a month working from home now. Kitty is becoming more and more annoying, erm integrated into the home office. She spent a lot of time leaping onto my desk today and trying to muscle in on what I was doing, or otherwise falling asleep.

This does not make it all that easy to get the job done, but as most of today was listening to various trainings and meetings, it sort of worked out.

It is also the day that we should have been on the plane to Canada, the eagle-eyed among you might spot it on the calendar there. The good news is that we will get back some money, related to Via Canada railway and the hotels. However it looks like Air Canada will only give vouchers and not refunds. I guess they only fly to Canada, so we might be planning a trip anyway sometime when this is all over. The plus is, we can pick a warmer time of year, April was probably going to be a bit cold in Toronto in any case.

Always look for the silver lining.

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  1. Do you follow ‘Simon’s cat’? Lots of hilarious little videos (all drawn by Simon and animated by his team) about his cats, and there are several about cats and keyboards … which don’t usually end well!!
    Great to have a Canada trip to look forward to.

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