Birthday in lockdown

it was my daughters birthday last week, and today it was mine. The current restrictions means no ride on the lake, or lunch at a nice restaurant. However, at some point I hope to be able to do those things. I took the day off, as I really do not like having to work on my birthday, so I have been having a lovely relaxing day. The sun is shining, again, and my daughter came to stay for the weekend. She baked a huge cake in honor of our joint birthdays. It is a triple layer chocolate and orange cake, totally delicious and also very decadent.

We also had great fun yesterday making a short film around the theme of cake baking and incorporating as many idioms as we could think of. I am going to use it for an online quiz in May. Filming the last part had us in stitches, I laughed so much it hurt. Maybe i will publish the movie once the quiz is over, with outtakes 🙂

Today we also went for a short walk, well, long enough actually, I did over 8000 steps. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was a light breeze. The perfect way to spend a birthday.

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