day 42 – 35 years on

Today was the day that Kitty tried to sneak up on her favorite position. She started on the chair, first in the office this morning, then lay around on the floor as if catching rays, did a quick leap on to the desk via my vacated chair at an opportune moment, and then perfected the jump from standing position directly onto the desk to end up in her absolute best spot, on the laptop.

So 42 days of home office and counting. I kinda wish I had cashed in my train season ticket at the beginning of this time, but it is not too late. It is never too late. Today is also my wedding anniversary. 35 years. So I cooked steak, and opened a bottle of red wine. Very nice too, and way cheaper than going to a restaurant, so i guess quarantine has some pluses.

One other interesting event I could find that happened on this day, April 27th in history is that the universe was created. I bet not many people know that, but according to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler the universe was created on April 27, 4977 BC (

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  1. Love Kitty’s stealth operation. I recently heard that the reason cats look for hot spots to sleep is because their body temperature drops while they snooze. Happy anniversary.

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