Day 44, venturing out

Today I had to go to the office, there was stuff to print and have signed, and there was a program to use that only works in the office!!

At the office I would say I was the only none Chinese person in, apart from the receptionist. Everyone was wearing a mask, which made some people even more difficult to recognise than normal. In fact, I was not sure if my boss, who had to sign my documents, was really him, as he had his hair cut really short, and all I could see of his face was a mask and glasses. But he was sitting in the right place, and signed the document, so I guess it was him.

me in my mask on a 2 hour call.

My husband on the other hand ventured a lot further than i did. He took a train and a bus, and went walking in the Justistal, which is one of his favourite areas. He did not wear a mask, but did have a complete shower when he got home.

my husbands office today

On my way home I called at the garden centre. They opened again after lockdown on Monday, and bought a lovely plant in a pot to grow up our rose arch. The staff were wearing tee shirts specially made asking us to keep 2M distance, not the easiest thing in a garden centre actually, but we tried.

We also received guidance from the Diocese this week, for when we can finally return to Church, which is still not known. 2m distance has to be kept from each person, unless they live together. No singing and no wind instruments, and of course no communion wine, and wafers are to be distributed by the priest wearing sterile gloves. Afterwards we will not be allowed to meet together or drink coffee etc.

Our world has lost a lot with this virus, and it will take a lot of adjusting to the new normal.

5 thoughts on “Day 44, venturing out

  1. What a beautiful office your husband has! Glad you’re trying to stay safe and that your church is also doing their part! I keep thinking about visiting a gardening center but am a little afraid. I’ve gone shopping once in 50 days of lockdown. How are things in Switzerland? Are numbers rising or falling? COVID 19 numbers have fallen drastically in my county but not so much the southern part of my state. We’ll see what happens…

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    • Numbers are falling a lot here, and the survival rate is high. I read that the R0 rate is 0.6 now. Lockdown continues to be eased, but they say we should still social distance for another 2 years probably. I don’t think people will manage that. I feel a whole new post coming.


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