joy, Marie Kondo style

i was reading an article today about Marie Kondo and how she started out as a tidiness guru. Apparently she started already at university, tidying up peoples rooms when she dropped by, tidying their desks etc. She could not help it and became known for it.

Reading that, made me look at my desk, which was starting to accumulate the odd thing that should not be there. Marie says that also our desk should have something that sparks joy. So I fetched my rose from the living room, my one rose that i had managed to buy at the weekend, after weeks of no flowers being available, and I tidied my desk a little and put the rose on it. That and the cat curled up next to me, pure joy ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “joy, Marie Kondo style

  1. That rose is stunning, I love kitty kat all cosy and ready to help. Bravo on keeping your desk tidy. It helps keep a work mind ordered, I think.


  2. I bought a red-topped desk some years ago, which had to fit into a very small room already overfull with bunk beds and a built-in cupboard. Then I removed the curtains from the window and put up a pale acqua blind. I find it much more inviting. (The bottom bunk continues to do duty as an extra shelf …)

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      • It’s shiny and very easy to wipe clean! It has removable legs, and under it on one side I have a set of white office drawers, all from IKEA so they fit with each other. This gives us maximum flexibility in a very small room – for instance, we can put the desk upside down on the top bunk in order to make room for a travel cot. So very versatile, which is what we need in the small space of our flat.


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