Nature vibes

I went for a walk this morning, before our virtual Church. The sun was shining, everything was fresh from the rain from the night before and the birds were singing. It was very refreshing. Here are some highlights and impressions.

When I was coming back up from the river, i met a man at the top. He was someone I had seen many times in the village, but never spoken to. He started to talk to me in the local dialect, and the conversation went something along the following lines ( translated into English for you readers)

Man: “ich suche die Fritz” – I am looking for Fritz “Da liegt sein rucksack” , that is his rucksack he said, as he pointed towards a a rucksack leaning against a post, with a couple of sleep mats on top.

I smiled and asked him how old Fritz was. 76, he told me. Then he asked me:

” du redest kei Bärndeutsch” – you don’t speak Bern dialect

I told him, no, but i understand it, and that we have been a long time there – all in my best swissified German.

” von wo kommet dir?” he said, asking me where i came from

“England” said I

“ah, fid er an der ruf”, he said

now this totally threw me, I thought i understood dialect, but this was a new expression.

Sorry, I said, I didn’t understand that – “das habe ich nicht verstanden”

“fid er an der ruf” he said again. “ruf, das weist du?” he was asking me if I knew what ruf meant. Well yes I did, ruf means to call, or it can mean a reputation, but that still made no sense to me.

He tried again: ruf, roof

ah roof I said,

Ja, fid ler an der roof

then I had it. He had switched to English: Fiddler on the roof. 🙂

“Ah, Fiddler on the roof, the musical!” I said.

So then he was happy that I understood him, said something else equally unintelligible, and I just smiled and nodded. I told him that I had not seen Fritz, but would look out for him, and went on my way, still smiling about that fid er an der ruf.

I reckon I did see Fritz actually, there was a guy walking back from the far end of the path, he looked like he could have been 76. And if Fritz was in the river, then with the speed it was going, I think he is probably in Bern by now.

4 thoughts on “Nature vibes

  1. Topol and a young Paul Michael Glaser, excellent film. Just pondering why saying you were born in England would spring such a response. Beautiful pictures, the river water looks bright and blue.

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  2. It’s always fun to see what the first response is when you’re in another country and someone finds out you’re from UK! At least you didn’t get the dialect equivalent of ‘Manchester United’.


    • so funny you say that Gill. When we had a cheese shop in the village, the only English words the guy running it knew were Manchester City :)) Apparently his son lived in Manchester. Every time we went in there, it would be something about Man City.

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