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We were supposed to be having a physical quiz night last Friday in our church hall, but of course, in these times, that was out of the question. So I planned an online one via zoom. I restricted the numbers to 60, and 58 signed up. We had 11 teams, and used the breakout rooms for the teams to confer. It was a great success. In fact, some people said it was easily the best lockdown quiz so far. I was so happy. Plus it raised money for the defibrillator appeal we have at the church. We had people attending from all over, even someone getting up at 3am in Australia to join in.

here are my top tips for online quiz prep:

  1. Prepare in advance, and practice, especially if you do not know zoom so well.
  2. Prepare a powerpoint doc to show the questions on ( note this only works in the main room)
  3. Mute all participants on joining the call, (I didn’t, and it was very noisy and we lost one participant as a result)
  4. Ask people to join early, and to add their team name to their onscreen name.
  5. prepare the breakout rooms in advance per team, and allocate people once they have arrived.
  6. suggest someone note the questions from each team as each round plays out in the main room together
  7. Mute all participants when reading out the questions in a round ( using your powerpoint if you have it as well)
  8. Allow long enough for each team in the breakout rooms to confer and chat.
  9. Allow a longer break in the middle – we still used the breakout rooms for that, but allowed people to visit other rooms if they wanted.
  10. I tried a video round, which i had pre-recorded and put on youtube. This only partially worked, as in the main room, there were too many people on line for it to be seen or heard successfully.
  11. You can use the main chat to send a pdf or a youtube link to all participants before they go to the breakout rooms. Once they are in the breakout rooms it is not possible to do that.
  12. Sending a pdf of the questions or a link does rely on at least one of each team member being computer savvy enough to actually download or copy it,
  13. in the breakout rooms they can share the screen in smaller groups.
  14. I gave bonus points for not cheating, but you can think of your own fun reasons to give bonus points
  15. Every team had to score their own, answers were given back in the main room when they returned from breakout rooms.
  16. Mute all and ask each team to feedback their score after each round one by one, so you can track it. I used a spreadsheet so it could do the maths, and transferred the points into the powerpoint when the groups were in their rooms.
  17. Allow more time than you think. It took easily 30 minutes to get everyone set up and in the breakout teams, and then with 4 rounds it took well over 2 hours to get through it all.

at the end I let people stay on in breakout rooms, or pop between them for sometime if they wanted, so it was actually a late night, but fun. I think they will be talking about it for some time. Plus the money is slowly coming in from the participants, so all in all a good success.

Here I give you the link to the idiom video. How many idioms can you find? there are at least 9- Answers in the comments please.

don’t forget to put the sound on

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