Corona Christmas 2020

This is the Christmas that is like no other. Here in Switzerland it is not cancelled as such, but all the restaurants will be closed and we should not meet with more than one other household. Our daughter in Germany will stay in Germany. Families cannot travel, many are stuck somewhere with no flight, or a sudden Tier 4 restriction stopping them travelling. I know my brother will not see his kids, we are all making sacrifices this year. Our Church just decided not to hold services over Christmas other than the virtual kind. We could, it is allowed, but it seems irresponsible in a way, in these times when we are all being asked to stay home, in order to keep others safe, and avoid the hospitals being overwhelmed.

I think this Christmas will be one where people will appreciate what they have, especially those who have managed to avoid the virus. Others might be recovering from it, or still fighting it, and then there will be those remembering loved ones they have lost to it.

The vaccine is coming, and I pray that will make a difference. I hope it works, with no side effects, and also fights the variant that is emerging. I also hope that the protection stays, as for sure, once people have had the vaccine, then they will feel that they are able to return to doing all the things they used to do. In fact today I was joking about a post vaccine party, where all of us go and get vaccinated together and then we can party. Many a true word is spoken in jest šŸ™‚

My friend was planning to go to her family over Christmas, but her family panicked and said they did not want her to come. Switzerland does not have a good name with our neighbouring countries at present. We have too many cases and they are going in the wrong direction. So she will stay here, alone. In a normal year we would invite her over. This is not a normal year, but i guess that I will still invite her over. It is Christmas after all.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas. Stay healthy.

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  1. Happy Christmas to you all and the fluffy one (will Santa bring her a treat?). I will be just me, by myself, I’ve no interest in being exposed to any standard virus let alone the mutating CoVid one.

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  2. I listened to the Archbish of Canterbury yesterday saying, ‘don’t do what you could do, do what you know you should do. He also mentioned that while he was able to give a service in the Cathedral on the 25th, there were clergy who could not be in their churches because they had underlying health conditions. Eminently sensible approach I would say.

    Britain is unpopular with her neighbours for more than one reason as you know, but at the present moment in time, the overarching issue is the fast spread of the Covid-19 Mutation. Transport in and out of Britain is being closed down for 48 hours, to begin with, by France et al.

    Ah, I take it you have a feline friend. She’ll have a cuddly cosy Christmas no doubt, and I hope you have a peaceful and healthy holiday and 2021.

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