the pleasure is mine

Did I ever mention to you that I did a bit of acting recently? It was while I was in my old job, so I had time for rehearsals. We rehearsed in small groups, a series of one act plays, to be covid safe. It was my first time, so I got a very small part, but it was still fun. We were finally ready to go in October. We were super lucky. We acted in a small cellar, with a limited audience. Masks were compulsory except on the stage. We also filmed it one night, and did a live stream. This was to mitigate the number of audience members and therefore the risk.

We finished our run about 2 nights before they closed all the theatres.

Below is the film of the play I was in, the others can also be seen on the youtube channel. The camera does make me look a bit larger than I think I am, but hey ho.

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