Trying to live sustainably.

I read this article above today addressing whether bamboo is eco friendly, or not. I find this whole area fascinating. Those of us who try to live in a more sustainable fashion can so often get it wrong. I was trying to advise a friend about a rug yesterday. She had found a brightly coloured one online, made of polypropylene. At least she asked my opinion before buying it. Once I read the results of my google search to her, she decided against it. Anything made of plastic, unless it is 100% recycled plastic perhaps, is clearly not going to be so eco friendly. It does not take much brain power to work that out. But something like bamboo, that is natural and fast growing, and needs no pesticides should also be a no-brainer, only if we read the article and look deeper, then we see that forests are being cleared to grow bamboo – ahhhh, not good.

So read the article, make your own mind up. It will not be just bamboo, it could be cork, cotton or silk.

I think for January I will try and resist buying anything new. I will steer clear of the sales. If I do get anything then only locally produced items. I have my eye on a new bookcase, made locally, from local wood, to store some of the books that we have currently gathering dust in the hall. The wood is cherry, as all our furniture is cherry. Cherry is no longer fashionable, but at least it is easy to grow here, and I like it. I will let you know if I do it in the end.

Wishing you all a happy new year, we have a lot of snow today, and the sky is heavy with it. It has been a lazy day, but I have taken down most of the Christmas decorations, and just left some winter pieces, along with the crib and the wise men, they are after all on their way still.


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  1. As you say, being eco conscious sounds straightforward but when you consider the whole process things get complicated. As we become more reliant on electricity, more needs to be produced but does the production process of wind turbines eat up the pollutants and carbon saved by wind generation. I have things in my house I would love to get rid of but cannot find a way to recycle them and I feel guilt shame at just binning them.

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