2.1.21 – freebies

Today was overcast and grey, but at least the snow has stopped. I went for a walk and found a box of plates and mugs on the pavement, with gratis written on it. I think it had been there a while as the box had snow in it, and was rather wet. But I messaged my friend who is moving later this month to see if she wants them, which she does. The box was so wet and heavy, and likely to collapse at any moment, so I had to fetch the car to pick them up. But now they are home, sitting in our cellar. They aren’t bad actually, if she decides she does not want them after all, maybe I will keep them. Can you believe we are still using plates we got when we got married? That is 35 years ago. Needless to say, some got broken, and some are chipped, but they have done pretty well considering.

free crockery, complete with extra snow

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