4.1.21, back to work- freedom.

Today was the official start back after the New Year break. Everyone was in a good mood, wishing each other Happy New Year, and getting back in to the groove. For me this return was so nice, because it was relaxed. I have not been able to have a relaxed start to the year, or end to a year, in 16 years. Since 2004, December always meant financial year end, and January meant trying to get everything done in super quick time. The shared service employees would have been working since Jan 2nd, and there would be masses of emails waiting to be dealt with, as well as masses of year end work, late nights, and lots of stress.

In my new company, our year end is March, and even when it arrives, I get 6 months to complete it. 6 Months!!! luxury. I can afford to be relaxed. I had next to no emails to deal with today, as everyone else in the company, and in the Head office had also enjoyed the time off. In fact Head office were still enjoying it.

I am in a Whatsapp group with financial colleagues from my old company. One of them in Spain messaged tonight to tell me that his GL accountant had no time for him, because she has to explain all the systems to someones successor – my successor to be precise. Whoops. It would be hard for anyone taking that role, the systems are very complicated. I feel sorry for them, but I do not miss it. As I told my ex-colleague, when it comes to me having to make my tax provision, I will probably do it on the back of an envelope, and then book it myself, no extra approvals needed. It is pure freedom, no wonder I love my new role so much.

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