6.1.21: what is happening on capitol hill?

Should we be surprised by what is happening right now on Capitol Hill? A group of Trump supporters have forced their way into the Congress building, and are fighting with the police. These people really believe that Trump won the election. They believe all that he has been telling them.

It is shocking, it is in a way unbelievable, but on the other hand, perhaps it is not so surprising. The way Trump has been fighting this defeat and stirring up his troops reminds me a lot of Hitler stirring up the people with his speeches. As they are saying on the BBC, this is a culmination of a tense 4 years in US politics. Trump has split the country and a lot of people seem very willing to believe in him. I even have a friend here in Switzerland, a British person, who believes that Trump is fighting the establishment and that the rest of us are deluded not to see what is happening.

Trump has been playing a very dangerous game, and now it seems to be coming to a head. It is horrifying and fascinating at the same time. He must be loving it. Yet what is he really hoping to achieve, who is pushing his buttons? I don’t get it. He does not seem to have been enjoying being President, only playing golf, and being in the limelight. Is it really that his ego will not let him admit defeat?

Here in the real world the Swiss Government just announced the extension of the closure of the restaurants, fitness centres, dance studios, cinemas etc until the end of February. It is really hard for those businesses. We were discussing when to reopen our Church again last night, and plan to try and find 3 objective criteria that we can use to judge the best time to reopen our doors, without allowing emotions to get in the way. This extension shows that we still have too many cases here in Switzerland. Perhaps we are not as bad as in the UK or the US, but there is a lot of criticism of how it has been handled. It does seem never ending.

stay healthy, and happy 3 Kings day.

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    • sure is. I do wonder if any of them had been black, whether there would have been some police shooting. I know that the Capitol Hill police are a separate force, perhaps more disciplined.


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