9.1.21 Saturday chill

It was -6 degrees C this morning when I went out, which is indeed pretty chilly. I had a 9am appointment at the hairdressers, the only one i could get. I think people are getting worried that they will close the hairdressers again.

It was about that temperature yesterday morning as well, when I decided to do my once a week walk to the office. It is part of my January resolutions. It takes 50 minutes along the river and up past the motorway, but it is good exercise. I want to try and lose some weight, yet still be able to eat chocolate. I read that the reason most resolutions fail is because we are creatures of habit, and so it is necessary to link each resolution to a change of habit. So hence the walk to the office once a week. The first time i tried that, i also walked back, but it was very dark, so I decided the river way was too risky, so took the back roads. That turned out to be even more dangerous, as there were no pavements. So last night, i instead walked part of the way to the railway station, about 30 minutes walk, along lit pathways. It was much safer.

My other resolution is to grow my nails to a decent length. To achieve this, I decided I needed to know why they were weak, and so with the help of the internet, I discovered that taking Biotin every day should make them stronger. So I bought a packet of 30 tabs, and I have to say, it seems to be working. We are a week in, and my nails are already much stronger, and therefore not prone to breaking or tearing. I also feel that my eyelashes are getting fuller, and my hair is getting thicker. Hence the trip to the hairdressers this morning.

I have discovered an online source in Germany where I can get a years supply of Biotin tablets for half the price I paid here for 30, so I have ordered them. It seems in Switzerland we always end up paying way more for medications and vitamins than anywhere else.

Stay warm, stay healthy


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