10.1.21 Chilling on Sunday

I took this picture when I was out on our walk this afternoon. There are patches of ice in the water. It is a cold crisp day again, perfect for a walk, and then relaxing on the sofa. Kitty has not ventured out at all of course. This morning I listened to our online service, and then joined the online coffee morning. The seniors on the call were talking about how to register for the vaccine. They had received a leaflet, telling them to register online, and to then print something off with a bar-code. One lady on the call did not even know what a bar-code is. But those on the call are at least the ones who have learnt how to get on zoom, so I think they will work it out, although printing could be a challenge, as they do not have printers. But what about the older members of our congregation who do not join the Zoom calls, nor watch the online services? They do not even have a computer. I am not sure that this has been fully thought through. There is a phone number apparently, although I can imagine that must be inundated with calls from anxious seniors wondering how to get their vaccines. I heard that in UK, a letter arrives in the post, saying when you can expect a vaccine and where to go. Perhaps that is a better approach, if a bit haphazard, as in who knows if the appointment time will work for that person, or if they can get to wherever they should be going? This will all take quite a lot of time I think. A lot of Swiss were hesitant about having the vaccine, but that was last year. I suspect that by the time it gets to their turn, a lot will have changed their minds and will agree to it. At least then we can get our lives back to normal, which is basically what everyone wants now.

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  1. I agree, the system is haphazard. I’m category 4 as a shielding extremely vulnerable person, I ‘hope’ the message has gotten through that I shall need a home visit (not because of CoVid shielding but because I cannot get anywhere). I am thinking I’ll get the jab maybe February. Our local press was tooting horns saying 30k had been done in the past month, WooHoo, until you realise the county population is a little over 900k, soooo 3+abit% ….. it’s all abit 🤞 and touch wood.

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