sliding on a Wednesday.

Today was the day I chose to walk to the office again, or maybe it is better to say that I skated to work. It was like an ice rink out there, and trainers were not the best choice by a long way. But with the strategic use of patches of grass I made it along the river to the bridge over the motorway, which was only passable due to a metal handrail. Over the bridge and with the help of another railing I made it to the pavement, which actually was also quite treacherous. It was a useful exercise in comparing different surfaces and how easy they are to walk on in icy weather, but it is not something I think I will be doing in a hurry again. I need way better shoes for that. Tomorrow it is going to snow all day, Friday too. My husband is helping a friend move over the next two days, and I will help her unpack on Saturday. She is doing this just in time, as the Government has just announced stricter measures from Monday to try and avoid a third wave of coronavirus. All non essential stores will be closed, but not schools or ski pistes. Restaurants, bars, Theaters and fitness centres remain closed. We should all do home office as far as possible. I think this is probably like the UK has had for some time, other than the ski pistes of course. I do not really understand why the ski pistes are staying open, especially as they are a known source of transmission. In Wengen there have been 70 cases of the new variant, 30 of them from one British skier apparently. So of course the Government are being criticized again.

Our Church remains closed for services still, something we discussed last night at our online council meeting. It got a bit heated, and it always gives me the feel of a mini version of what the Government has to do. I will have the same on a medium scale tomorrow when I meet with my colleague at work and we decide how to implement the new rules. Home office is a bit tricky when you have a workshop of mechanics and machines etc. That said, one case of coronavirus in the workshop would mean we would have no workers for some time, so we need to carry on being careful.

Stay healthy, and watch out for the ice.

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