Maintaining focus

I came across the above quote on Linkedin this morning. I like it. When I went to check it out on the Tony Robbins site, it was about attracting the energy of the universe, positive thoughts attracting positive results, and negative thoughts attracting more negativity. I get it, but that is not what I thought when I first read the quote. What does it say to you? To me, it says that we should take care what we focus on, because that is where our energy is going. So if I focus on Facebook, TV or something other that basically just passes time, I am wasting my energy on things that do not bring progress. By focusing on what I want to achieve, then my energy will go into making it happen. It is similar to what Tony means, but not quite the same.

Today I went to visit my friend who moved apartment recently. I am helping her in sorting it out, and setting it up. Today we went into the cellar, which had many boxes in it waiting to be sorted out. So that was our focus today. We went through each box, box by box, and at the end of 2 hours, we had achieved a lot. There were bags of garbage, there were boxes of stuff to be sold, boxes to give away, boxes to sort through later, and then those things that could go back into the apartment. Our energy went into that, and I must admit I was pretty much done at the end of it.

When I think of being in the office, I also know that those items I choose to focus on will be done, and will be done well. Those things that I have no desire to do, or interest in, do not get my focus, and therefore I do not apply much energy to them. Unfortunately that often means I end up having to do it again, which is not what I want to do of course.

I also read this week some time management tip of breaking the tasks up into 25 minutes of focused effort, followed by a 5 minute break, then another 25 minutes work, followed by a slightly longer break. The idea is not to get distracted because we know it is only for a short time. Maybe this is a technique worth using for those tasks we don’t really want to do but must, and they require focus.

Have a good week, and remember, thought, word, deed. Before we do anything, we first have to think it, and then we voice that thought before we do the deed. It is similar. Our thoughts come from what we are focused on.