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Our online service recently was thrown a bit into disarray due to the fact that our webmaster, who puts the final touches to it each week, was taken into hospital on Friday, with an apparent stroke. He is on the mend now, thankfully, but his sudden disappearance caused a lot of issues, not least that the sermon and the intercessions could not be properly loaded onto the site. Most people who finally made it to the page could not listen to the sermon, and instead had to read it on the attachment hurriedly sent out by email by our Vicar on Saturday.

I on the other hand could listen to the sermon, it was no problem whatsoever. The first reading was about Samuel being called by God, and not realising who was calling him, because he did not know God. The NT reading was about Jesus knowing someone before they had met. The sermon was about God knowing us, and calling us to do different tasks.

Just the day before, the vicar had written to me and asked me to speak at our next zoom service about my faith, and be interviewed for a video on the website. My first feeling was no, not me, not yet. But then I listened to the sermon, and it seemed to be saying to me that I should say yes. In fact when I got onto the Zoom coffee morning after the service, it nearly freaked me out that nobody had been able to listen to it except me.

I think however that the reason nobody else could listen to it, was because they were all on computers, whereas I was using my phone. I heard of someone else, on her phone, being able to hear it, so that made me feel a bit better, unless she was being called too :).

So anyway, the whole experience got me thinking about following our calling as it were. I have certainly had some ups and downs on my Christian journey, not helped by being married to an atheist. However even he is now being drawn in, eager to help with our website issues, as well as setting up our online sale corner. He spends hours on that. Why would he do that if he thinks that all we stand for is nonsense?

I am Church Treasurer and Church warden, and honestly I would never have thought that I would be a Warden, but one grows into the role, as one grows in Faith. I do feel that God is using me. He gives me situations which force me to grow, and gives me the gifts to enable me to do so. God sends people into my life who challenge me, or who support me, or whom I need to support. These are all growing situations.

Naturally non-Christians have these situations too, we all do, but as a Christian I can look back and see how I was being led and where God was in the situation. People with no faith cannot do that. They look back and see how they dealt with the situation, alone from their own resources in their opinion. Maybe they did, or maybe they were being led, but did not realise it, I do not know. I do know though that having the Faith that things will work out for the best in every situation really does help me to deal with each one in a relaxed and calm way.

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