Curious cat

We have been planning to renovate our shower-room for more months than I care to remember. Today the work finally started. The tilers arrived at 8am and immediately set up a tent contraption at the doorway to the shower room, complete with a hole to fit a tube that is designed to take all the dust straight out of the apartment. It is very impressive.

like something out of stranger things

Now the only problem with a long tube leading in from outside is that it is a bit too tempting for a Kitty.

Kitty went outside, and then I noticed the tube was moving in the apartment as she moved up the inside. It was really quite funny, ( and no it was not in use at the time). So I picked up the tube and gave a gentle shake and out she scurried. She needed a good brushing afterwards πŸ™‚

We hung the tube over the table after that – didn’t want any more visitors.

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  1. Lol, I can see it happening! She was very compliant zooming out like she did, many would be far too tempted to stay and play (or hold out for extra treats as bribery).

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