Coping with challenges

I have been in my new job for 4 months now. Today I got a call from my old job. The lady who had taken over from me had not been able to cope with the challenge. She was being replaced by a new person, and had gone off sick in protest. Today she handed her notice in, so the new person gets no handover. So my ex- employer was asking if I would go in to do a handover.

I feel sorry for them in a way. I had hoped it would work for the lady who took over. On paper she could do it, but in hindsight it is clear that she did not have the self confidence to do it, and the smallest setback would mean she would take some days off sick and have even less confidence afterwards. The new guy they have hired has apparently no tax experience, but has worked in China, so understands how to work in a Chinese company. Maybe that is enough for success. In a way I am also partly to blame for the lack of success of my successor. Because I was bored and frustrated with the job, and pretty quick at getting the tasks done, it was expected that the new person should be able to do it quite quickly as well, no hassle. They forgot that I had been doing it for 5 years, so of course I was quick. I think I might need to have some serious words with the boss if I do go in to help them out. They offered to pay me, so I said I will go in on a Saturday to do the handover. I just hope I can still remember enough after 4 months away.

At the new job my HR manager was hit by a car last week when cycling to the office. Thankfully she is basically okay, but she is off work recovering, so today I spent all day doing HR type stuff. My other staff member Daniela has been working all hours trying to keep on top of stuff. I tell her not to, but she is dedicated. She logged out on Saturday so I could not see how late she worked, but then made the mistake of sending me an email at 23.17. I have even asked our IT department if there is software available to switch off access to the systems, but there is not. Now there is a market opportunity. Maybe I should suggest to my husband he writes such an app. The good news is that we hired someone new who started today who will help out in the bookkeeping so that hopefully not so many hours are needed by Daniela, It is crazy when we have to try and stop people working so much.

I still love the job though, and all the challenges it brings. I could have stayed at the old place on a higher salary having an easy time, but this just seems so much more satisfying. Plus I can cycle to work, which I did 3 times last week, it helps maintain balance, in more ways than one.


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  1. It’s easy to get swept up in work when there is so much to do and it is just ‘there’. In the steam driven days of old people would have left it on their desk and gone home, now with technology work follows us home.

    Shame your successor found the challenge too much, hopefully the new person will get to grips with it quickly, it sounds like you left some impressive shoes for others to fill.

    Hope pretty kitty is keeping well and warm.

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