what shall I say? Old enough to know better, but still learning. Born in Uk, lived a long time in Switzerland, now in Germany. A mum, a sister, a wife, a boss, an employee, a woman, an idealist, believing in the good in most people.

Life is too short to drink bad wine, Β – i love inspirational quotes, and spirituality and yoga. A Christian once, but now I am not so sure. But there is something, maybe within us, maybe we are God. Who knows? But until we do know, let us keep the options open.

I love the outdoors, and the indoors, and beautiful things. My job is important to me, but it is not me, just something I do.

I have been blogging a long time now, and you can find my original blogs by folowing the link available to where i started blogging. Many posts there are also here, but lots of older posts too.


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