joy, Marie Kondo style

i was reading an article today about Marie Kondo and how she started out as a tidiness guru. Apparently she started already at university, tidying up peoples rooms when she dropped by, tidying their desks etc. She could not help it and became known for it. Reading that, made me look at my desk, which…


day 29, asleep on the job.

My goodness, we have been a month working from home now. Kitty is becoming more and more annoying, erm integrated into the home office. She spent a lot of time leaping onto my desk today and trying to muscle in on what I was doing, or otherwise falling asleep. This does not make it all…

The Paw ratings

So this last week I have been running cat food trials using our 2 cats here in Germany. The final results are in below. For more details you can visit The Cat´s place by clicking on the table